WebGuide4 - very damned cool

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Webguide 4 - guide listings
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Ok, so the Media Center (a bit like Sky+, but it does DVDs and videos, downloads movies off the internet, records Sky - or freeview, or cable, plays and organises music, burns recorded TV to DVD, and a fair bit more, too) is up and running. I can log into it from anywhere in the world and run Azureus (err, to download non-copyrighted stuff, obviously), and it's got just over 1.25 Terabytes (1,250-ish Gigabytes) of recorded TV, videos and music on it.

But one thing I - or anyone else - couldn't do was schedule TV recordings and watch recorded TV over the interweb.

Until now.

I'm trying out WebGuide4, a program which adds a website to your Media Center to let you view the TV listings on your Media Center, schedule recordings (or change them), cancel recordings, etc etc yada yada yada.

Basically, it's like the Sky+ Remote Record service with knobs on (and, in my case, a bit of a knob operating it...).

Another really handy feature is that you can set up users with different privileges; I've set up an account for me that can add and delete recordings and administer the Media Center remotely, and another one for everybody else in the house that can only add and cancel recordings to prevent any, err, "accidents".

You can also watch live TV streamed over the web to your PC, wherever you are (as long as you have a fairly fast broadband connection).

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