You're threatening legal action over *how much*, exactly...?

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I've just arrived home to find this little paper package of joy on my mat (click to enlarge):

Comedy letter from BT Mobile

... That's right kids - BT Mobile are threatening to send in the debt collectors, issue a Default notice, and incur the wrath of the gods on me, for a debt of (drum roll please):

1 penny.

Oh yes, it's three for the price of one (penny) on this BT Special Offer: for all you attention-starved, loveless people out there, you can have the attention of BT's Bad Debts department, a swarm of bailiffs, and even - for the lucky few among you - the loving attention of a Magistrate. Ho hum.

... Of course, the biggest irony here is the cheque I also received in the post from BT today - for the same account - as partial refund of the

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