The end of a (Ginger) era

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Rich Roberts

Honestly, this is the best photo of Rich I could find... No, really...

Rich Roberts - Entertainments supervisor, tech head, sound engineer, lampie, tea-maker, occasionally the Original Angry Ginge ;o) and my boss for the last 3 1/2 years - has worked his last shift at the Union and is now off to start a new life in sunny Cambridgeshire.

Even campus security turned out to wave goodbye, showing their endless affection by clamping his car (chin up Rich!).

(Seriously though, Rich taught me pretty much everything I know about running events and sound engineering - and just a tiny bit about throwing superstar tantrums - and as part-time jobs go, working as an Ents monkey has undoubtedly been one of the best. The place won't be the same without him).

So, here's to Rich - cheers Ginge!


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