NUS Conference day 1

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Well, we're here in Blackpool. For some reason I keep calling the place Brighton. More beer needed I think...

We rocked up yesterday after a 5-ish hour drive up the motorway and immediately renamed our hotel Fawlty Towers. I have the pleasure of sharing a room with two other guys - Nick and Gordon - something which I haven't done for a few years.

I have to take my hat off to the plumber who put our shower in, as (s)he is clearly someone with a brilliant sense of humour; having spent ten minutes this morning wondering why, even with the shower set to its hottest setting, I was only getting freezing water, I admitted defeat and was just about to head downstairs when room-mate Nick wandered into the bathroom, fiddled around for a couple of minutes, and announced there was copious hot water.

The problem? Silly old me had forgotten that, north of the Watford Gap, blue means *hot* and red means... You guessed it - cold.

Duh - of course... ;o)

Rewind to last night; wandering around town, we must have made it quarter of an hour down the road before we saw any signs of life at all. Blackpool out of season feels a lot like a colder version of a mid-west American ghost town.

We also passed the NUS Conference venue last night, which appears to be a bingo hall-cum-former town hall. Peering in the windows, I saw a largely empty venue with the occasional bit of rubbish peppering the floor, but very little else. I'll be heading down to the conference shortly, so fingers crossed there'll be slightly more going on today. Otherwise it's back to bed.

As I type this, the rest of the Oxford University bods have just arrived. They're carrying enough luggage to survive an arctic winter or two, which makes me feel less daft for bringing more luggage than anyone else from Portsmouth seemed to. Hey, I need a lot of makeup...

My only real grumble - now I've figured out the shower - is that our hotel has to be one of the few places in the world not to have discovered a wireless internet connection. I'm not complaining *that* much though - it just means I can't do any work while I'm up here.

Conference is looking interesting, but long. I've just examined the small print and found that cameras, laptops, mobile phones - in fact pretty much anything more complex than a wrist-watch - aren't allowed into the main conference area. Notepad and paper for anything I need to remember then. The only minor problem there? I can't read my own handwriting at the best of times.

Wish me luck - this could be a long day.

/al ;o)

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