Conferences left, right and centre

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NUSSL logoNow elected, I've been driving a few people potty with hare-brained ideas and half-baked plans which I'd like to see started before the end of this academic year.

Having - I think - reached the ends of their collective tethers, the management bods have decided to pack me off to the NUS Conference this coming week along with a number of other students, and also to the NUSSL Conference next week, to restore some sense of quiet to the Sabb office. At least, I *think* that's why they're sending me away ;o)

The NUS Conference is generally regarded as a melting pot of student ideas and enthusiasm, with a nice sugary coating of evening misbehaviour - usually found to be about 35% alcohol by proof - and the latter is a more business-like affair involving lots of companies trying to sell their products to you. No-one knows the alcohol content of the NUSSL Conference since no-one's made it back sober yet...*

Of course, since I don't do any buying of alcohol - that's down to UPEL (the bods running the bars at the Union) - the NUSSL excursion should be a good opportunity for an interesting insight into the trading side of Student Unions across the country... Ok, and a good excuse for a few hangovers as well...

As long as the top brass have no objections, I'll try and report back on what actually happens at both conferences, especially the NUS conference, as it's an important example of the good use of the Union's NUS membership fees.

* I could be lying here, of course - NUSSL might actually be a serious business event - I have yet to find out for sure.

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