Plagiarising Warwick Uni's good ideas

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When it comes to looking for good ideas for UPSU Media, I don't think there's any shame in taking cues from other FE and HE media outlets.

Warwick Uni has a very large base of staff and student blogs on their webpages, with articles ranging from music to democracy and everything in-between. The content is also largely well-written (which makes a change to some of the gumph I spout on these pages ;o).

Two articles which really interested me were this one ("why websites don't matter any more") and this one by Holly Cruise, called "No, I don't understand the democracy here, either", which is a very insightful piece about Students' Union elections; well worth a look.

Warwick's SU site also publishes "The Word", their equivalent of Pugwash, as a PDF available online; another nice touch. It's not nearly as interactive as I want to go with Pugwash, but it's a good start.

More importantly, I think, the magazine also covers forthcoming event listings for the Union, and also dedicates a reasonable amount of space to news and reviews.

It's a good read; check it out if you have a chance, and also take a browse around their SU website as well if you have a chance; again, there's some interesting ideas on there I'd love to implement here.

Got an idea of your own for UPSU Media, from a news article, feature, or a suggestion on how we could improve things? Send them in to us.

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