Campaigning: day 3 - burning cars, sunshine, PWs

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I've got 5 minutes to finish getting ready this morning, so here's yesterday's highlights in a bullet-point stylee...

  • Burning car on Hampshire Boulevard: I arrived with a fire extinguisher at the same time as the Fire Service. Guess who got to play with this fire? Yup, not me: boo :o(
  • Sunshine: where'd that come from?!
  • Posh-sounding hockey boys with megaphones: pure comedy - good times
  • PWs: finally getting used to having strangers coming up to me and start chatting (usually it's people whose faces I've forgotten - I'm terrible for that). Still not used to receiving compliments though!

Right, that's enough if that. Today's the longest and busiest day of campaigning, ending at Bar Bluu. Wanna come along? Everyone's invited :o)

/al -

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