Campaigning: day 2 - highs and lows...

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2 days done, 2 1/2 to go.

I managed some sleep last night, but nowhere near enough for someone who needs as much beauty sleep as me... ;o)

  • Today's low: a very grumpy lecturer!
  • Today's highs: friendly people, finally finding the courage to talk to anyone and everyone I don't know, watching Elle and Nicola hold a lecture theatre's attention, having other candidates offering to help me create stickers, finding the courage to crash Pure's committee meeting alone (and not being thrown out straight away!), bouncing crazy plans off the other candidates (and finding out they're maybe not so crazy), dancing in T&E...

Today's been a whirlwind of activity, going from feeling the "is my best enough to win this?" fear to meeting people in the street who complimented me on my lecture speech (none of which are planned or scripted), having more people than I can shake a stick at around me in bright orange tops, and resolving an issue with a candidate who I'd inadvertently offended (d'oh!).

Polls open tomorrow for three days, so I'm going to have to ramp things up another notch. Tonight I'll probably get less than 4 hours' sleep, but at least I don't have an exam tomorrow, unlike one of the other candidates (my heart goes out to you in a big way fella).

I can't even begin to thank everyone who's helped out to far enough for all their effort, but big, big Kudos has to go to Tom Worman who's been working his socks off for me all day, all of last night, and all of tonight, without even being asked to. Top man! :o)

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