And so it begins...

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I've just finished work on - my little campaign website. Doesn't look *too* bad, does it? (Can't see the pic? The website isn't turned on yet then - pop back later for a peek :o)

As I write this, it's almost half five, and I have to be up in 35 minutes, and elections campaigning begins in a little under four hours. Already, I've noticed subtle changes - people leaving campaigners' Facebook groups, for example - as people start to consider who they want to vote for in the UPSU Elections.

Overnight, the streets of Portsmouth will have changed; gangs of young men and women will be seen roaming the streets in search of similarly young people. Wearing bright and gaudy outfits, and making noise to match, these gangs have a simple message, and it will be simply broadcast:

"VOOOOTFURMISSHERSCHWELLASHISH" they shout. Or at least, that's how I remember it sounding during last year's elections. Either way, the mornings will bring with them many students looking tired and grumpy, students who haven't had enough sleep, have drunk too much caffeine, or who simply walk around with a glazed look of comfusion and exhaustion.

Naturally, some will be less well-behaved than others as they spread their message. Whatever they get up to, (almost) all have one thing in common - a belief that they're on the right team, supporting the right person. When it comes down to it, that loyalty will be all the reassurance that some unsuccessful candidates have to fall back on, but I know it can be a great comfort to know someone believes in you.

Campaigning begins for all of us elections candidates tomorrow. I've been up for 20 hours now, and have to be awake again in just over one hour. Today has been one of the most hectic and eye-opening days of my life as I've scrambled around trying to tie up loose ends and get people involved to help me.

There have been some surprises as people turned up to help out who I barely knew, and a lot of work has been done today which I could never have completed alone; even if everything else falls apart and I find myself seeking employment and clutching a P45 before the end of the week, that alone has made all of this worthwhile for me.

I don't know how the next 5 days will turn out, but I do hope everyone who's running takes something away from this whole experience, even if it's just that they don't suffer stage fright as much in the future as they look back on their Hustings night and remember the fear fun.

I'll try and keep blogging, even though I'm sure you've got better things to do than read my ramblings, but if you've read this far, then thankyou :o)

Peace out /al - to make UPSU Media better than ever

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