Election loves and hates

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More elections ramblings. Coming tomorrow: my hustings horror story (once I get round to writing it ;o)

Things I hate during the elections

  • being a tiny bit suspicious of everyone in case they're digging for dirt on me
  • not knowing whether this is the Right Way to campaign
  • not knowing whether I'm doing enough to campaign
  • annoying friends and family by talking endlessly about campaigning, my manifesto, my neuroses, and my lack of sleep
  • not being able to think of unique campaigning ideas
  • not being able to spend time working on UPSU.net
  • feeling like I've made a total numpty of myself in public (i.e. hustings - listen for yourself and see what you think ;o)

Things I love during the elections

  • that the things I'm most passionate about improving in the Union seem to be the things that other people would love to see improved, too
  • seeing all of my friends - and even people I don't know that well - piling on stage behind me to help me sing my hustings song. I'll never forget that :o)
  • coming up with new campaigning ideas
  • spray-painting t-shirts. Mmmmm, chemicals... (!)
  • making new friends on the campaign trail...
  • ... and having a good chat with them about the things they'd like to see improved
  • figuring out that, even if I don't get elected, there's a fighting chance next year's MAPO will gain some good ideas from the other three candidates to get stuck into - there are some very good ideas coming out of this year's candidates.

I don't know how it's going to turn out, but I do know that these two weeks are going to teach me a helluva lot (as long as I survive the sleep deprivation...). In case I forget to mention it enough, thankyou so much to everyone who has or is going to help me out - I really appreciate it!

Peace out :o) /al

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