Question time over, but more scaryness to come...

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I've just come out of the Pure:FM Candidates' Question Time show. That has to be one of the scariest hours of my life, with the first question - along the lines of, "Introduce yourself and tell the audience a bit about why they should vote for you" - completely throwing me, and I found myself rambling like a loon in the first few minutes of the show. Never a good start, but I know all of the candidates were equally nervous.

As the show went on, we all settled down into the Fraggy banter. I think I managed to get a couple of key points about my manifesto aims across and, hopefully, I didn't come across as a complete numpty.

It didn't help that Hannah P was doing her best to put us off while we answered her questions; to be fair though, I probably was rambling on and on and on and...

This afternoon I've got to put together a 3 minute speech for tonight's Hustings, and then I need to go and finish off my t shirts (Want one? Let me know! alex.harries [at] - wish me luck! ;o)

Peace out //al

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