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I barely slept last night - six hours in bed and I reckon I counted more sheep than I've had hot dinners (but I *am* half-Welsh, so counting sheep is at least 50% more satisfying for me than it is for most people...).

I don't often feel pressure, but I think it's fair to say that there's a certain - unavoidable - element of stress connected to this whole elections campaigning thing. That's not to say I can actually identify when I'm stressed; I don't have that kind of introspective ability, but I do tend to wake up very early. Shame I was never really that stressed at school then... ;o)

Anyway, this nightmare: at one point in the night, I bounced myself awake after dreaming that I'd I slept right through Candidates' Question Time. After that, there was no hope for me getting a good night's sleep - despite it being dark outside, every time I woke up after that I checked the clock to make sure I wasn't going to be late.

Of course, not actually *having* a clock in my bedroom meant I had to crawl over to the laptop, wiggle the mouse to wake it up, remember my password, check the time, then try and get back to sleep with the screen flooding the room with light... Maybe I should get a proper, real clock?

Peace out :o) /al - off to boil the kettle...

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