Last-minute nerves

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This coming Monday marks the first and most public test of the Media & Publications candidates' abilities and knowledge.

First up is candidates' question time, broadcast live on Pure:FM - the Union's student radio station - at midday.

The basic format for this is an hour of the elections candidates being questioned live on air by a (probably equally nervous) Pure:FM presenter.

I don't know if there have been any great revelations over the last few years, but I must admit to being more than a little nervous that I'll find a beautifully elegant way of inserting my foot so far into my mouth that I'll be able to tickle my appendix with my big toe... I do hope they have a swear button...

(Find out more about Question Time times here).

In the evening, Hustings is where each candidate has to get on stage and give a short speech about themselves, followed up by questions from the floor - an ideal opportunity for a good old fashioned bit of heckling.

Do tune in and come down if you have a chance, even if it's only to hear me making a numpty of myself ;o)

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