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FM now and next
I've just had a quick chat with Carl, Pure:FM's resident web guru, and he's beginning work on a brilliant little pop-up Pure:FM player.

This will mean no more having to hunt around Purefmdotcom to find out how to listen to their shows; you'll just have to click a link on any UPSU page (in the "now and next" box - pic somewhere on the right there) and away you go.

Naturally there'll be some things that have to be tackled first; a lot of computers have either one type of media player progam - e.g. Windows Media Player - or the other - Real Player. Some don't have either, for example a number of the University PCs, so we need to make sure that the end result is able to work on the widest range of systems possible.

With a little bit of luck, and a not-inconsiderable amount of work on Carl's part, I'm confident we'll be able to get this up and running in time for the elections. Fingers x'd then!

Alex is the web monkey, and loves adding new toys to the site. He's also running in the UPSU Elections for Media & Publications officer, and trying to finish off his degree as well. He's also half Welsh, but please don't hold that against him...

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