TiddlyWiki - how damned cool...!?

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Geek mode fully on for this post...

I've just found a tiny bit of software that looks amazing - it's called TiddlyWiki, and it's simply a 360Kb HTML file which you can keep on a USB flash disk, your hard disk, or even e-mail to your mate - whatever - and when you open it, it's a complete to-do list, journal, project manager and so on.

Why is it cool?

  • You can take it anywhere - it's tiny - just plonk it on a USB drive
  • It runs on any (reasonably up-to-date) web browser (using JavaScript)
  • It doesn't need to be online to work
  • It doesn't need a server
  • It doesn't need a database
  • It saves your to-do lists
  • It has loads of plug-ins to make it better

So, in a nut-shell:

  • It lets you take your to-do list with you even if you can't take your computer with you
  • It's free
  • It's tiny
  • It's reliable (so far, touch wood)
  • Oh, and did I mention it's free?

Since I do vivid descriptions and interesting writing even worse than Homer Simpson does the Moonwalk, take a look at TiddlyWiki's homepage instead.

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