How about a bands blog?

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One thing I receive a lot of in my UPSU inbox are mails from bands and artists who want to play at the Union. While I'm not involved in the process of selecting who should play, there *is* something us pixel monkeys can do to help bands get noticed - we could create a blog for them.

That would mean that we'd have a blog, for example "UPSU's Bands That Want To Get A Gig" blog (ok, so the title could do with some work...), and whenever we get a message from a band saying "listen to our myspace demos/check us out online/give us a gig", we could pop an entry in the blog about the band with some linkage and pics.

Ok, I know this isn't exactly what the bands want, but it would be good to get them some more coverage on the site (as long as they're not terrible... Maybe we need some editorial control here?) and we could also link into the blog from other areas of the site, e.g. Pugwash mag online.

So, uhhm, any comments/suggestions, etc? Anyone? Dust? No...?

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