Found it!

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I've been trying to track down a chillout tune that I managed to lose a couple of years ago. All I knew about it was the vocal "It ain't always umbrellas in the rain" and that it was a chillout tune.

Having given up searching for it, I still decided to drop "umbrellas" into the iTunes store's search toy today - result: up popped Helicopter Girl's "Umbrellas in the rain"! It's not the mix I remember but it's damned close, so in the basket it went. Result - one very happy greyhead.

The tune's in the iTunes store, and you might also want to check out Helicopter Girl's album - here on - if you're into your chillout. You can read more about Helicopter Girl - aka Jackie Joyce - on Discogs dot com, or read Stylus Magazine's review of her from a couple of years ago.

If you're not into chillout, then what are you doing reading this post?

Much luv /munki

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