Pugwash gets RSSified, Blogs fixed, and more little touches

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

Pugwash RSS

In its first day of being online, Pugwash's homepage has had over 400 hits. Which is nice.

Thing is, we know that not everyone is going to be inclined to check back for updates every day, complete with bated breath, so I've collated a handy set of RSS feeds for Pugwash readers. The main one we're promoting is the announcements feed, which pops up a new article each month letting you know there's a new issue of Pugwash mag online. We also have a further seven feeds with different flavours of Pugwash goodness, so if you're just interested in the features, or only want to read gig reviews, you can sign up using our RSS feed - and an RSS aggregator - and not have to worry about checking back to look for new information. See the full list of feeds on our about RSS page.

More bugs, all my fault

While reviewing Google's site report for UPSU.net, I noticed a very large number of "page not found" errors for the blogs section, which turned out to be an oversight in the SEF engine related to my earlier post about the forums being broken. That's fixed now, but I have to apologise lots and lots for not spotting it before - sorry!

Related articles

The latest little touch which might make it easier to browse around the UPSU site's news pages is our "Related articles" box at the bottom of all news articles, for example at the bottom of this page. This widget looks for news articles in the same news stream, and related news streams, and lists them, along with a short list of latest news and blog entries from the article's author.

Adverts. The best of a bad bunch? ;o)

I'm also trialling Google Adsense around the site. You shouldn't spot it on the site, but you might notice it if you take a look through the site's HTML. That said, if you're looking around our code, you must be really really bored indeed. Why not take a look at Pugwash mag instead ;o)

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