Publicity you can't buy. Thankfully...

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With an eerie sense of timing, just as Alexander Litvinenko - the former Russian spy with an outspoken hatred of Russia's spying tactics - finds himself in the news after his apparent poisoning, this month's issue of Pugwash carries a story on the subject of the similarities between Russia's long-standing spying culture, and Britain's apparent move towards such a culture in the name of fighting terrorism.

Alexander Litvinenko claims his poisoning attempt - which has resulted in serious illness, and appears to have been caused by a poison formerly used as a rodenticide until its use was banned due to health fears - was the work of his former KGB employers, who are apparently somewhat underwhelmed by his criticisms of the Russian government.

You can read Agnes Smedley's "Under Surveillance" in this month's Pugwash online, or grab a copy of the magazine from the Union.

UPDATE: According to BBC News, Litvinenko has died of a suspected heart attack shortly after 9pm, Thursday 23rd November. Doctors believe he may have been poisoned with radioactive Thallium. Not a nice way to go!

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