Pay As You Drive

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An unnamed bright spark at the University has suggested the idea of a pay-as-you-go car rental service to try and reduce car usage.

What worries me is the likelihood of this scheme - which sounds like it's going to be marketed at students - all going a bit wrong.

You see, I know it's a requirement of using a hire car that one should attempt to set the land speed record, followed shortly by an engine endurance record, and then (if the vehicle survives), to attempt several variations of the Top Gear handling tests - using a variety of Portsmouth's bumpiest roads - to see who can destroy the car in the shortest time.

Surely combining students (or any other group of young people) with somebody else's car equals a very low survival rate for the cars...?

If they choose a Ford, some of these acronyms might be appropriate...

  • Fixed Or Repaired Daily
  • Forever On Ramps, Dismantled
  • Found On Rubbish Dumps

... and if they're Fiats: "Fix It Again Tomorrow" would suit.

... I'll get my coat...

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