Philosophies of sex

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To say I'm a bit slow on the uptake of certain fairly cool/handy/important things is like suggesting that I'm a bit grey, grumpy and fat. I am all three, by the way... ;o) - a site with a really odd web address - is billed as a "social bookmarking" site. The idea is that you can keep a (private or public, or a bit of both) list of your website bookmarks on the site. You sign into your account and there they are. Adding new ones is dead easy, and it means you can get to your bookmarks wherever you go. Very handy if you have a desktop PC at home and have to use the library PCs to do some homework.

The best bit about the site though, is that it also tracks the most popular websites by category (aka "tag"). One of these categories is humor - largely full of predictably American gumph, but there's also a humour tag, and the majority of the sites recommended here have probably come from Brits. At least, I like to think so, 'cos there's some good stuff in there.

Like this -'s Philosophy of sex. Well, I liked it anyway...

Find out more about here, visit the homepage here, or take a look at Flickr's interesting photos pages for something totally different in a Web 2.0 stylee...


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