New homepage - laid out... (kinda)

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

Purple dark layoutToday's been spent tweaking pixels and changing transparency settings. Smutty as that might sound to the younger-minded among us (errm, me then), I now have a basic working layout collection which - I think - kinda, sorta, maybe works.

Click a colour below to see the page layouts. Before any smart-arses comment that it's table based, this is only because that's how Photoshop spits them out (and it's a damned site quicker that individually working on the images). And, for the other smart-arses that know 50 much faster ways of doing what I've done here... Do let me know so I can spend more time in bed please!

... and the award for dullest template design yet goes to...

The Conservative party don't have a patch on my dullness ;o)

The "light" versions of each colour will be selected during daylight hours (in Portsmouth), with the "dark" version displayed after dark, and varying shades of grey/blue/orange/something used as a backdrop during dawn/dusk (although that might have to wait until later in the term when I have a bit more free time). There are a couple more tweaks in that area planned, but it all depends on time - I've still got to make sure the page content works before the site can go live.

You'll probably have noticed the grey box in the top-right of each page. This is where the buttons to change the homepage's colour will live. The colour changer will store your preferences in your profile, so you'll need to be signed in to see your custom homepage colour. Yes, I know, it's a very small thing, but the "for" argument comes from the same camp that reckons different coloured iPods are cool - being able to change the colour of's homepage is just another (slightly geekier) way of expressing yourself.

Or something like that...

Tomorrow I will mainly be playing with CSS and banging my head against a PHP notes-strewn desk... How's everybody else's holidays going? :o)

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