I'm exhausted

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... but happy.

Bar a couple of display issues and a distinct lack of any robust testing, the NUS registration system is finally finished.

Well, kinda.

I've completed the framework - and the 30-odd documentation pages to support it - which lets you sign up and create an account on UPSU.net. It's taken me almost two months, and around 5,000 lines of code - most of which I have no idea how I wrote it - and naturally there are bound to be some horrific bugs which will just annoy everybody.

New features this year are two extra types of account - the NUS Extra account, and a guest (website-only) account. The latter is available to anybody with an @port.ac.uk e-mail address, and you can start using the account just as soon as you've confirmed your e-mail address. I know of at least one person who will be overjoyed that he doesn't have to buy an NUS card to use the site now, and I'm hoping this will encourage a great deal more students to get involved on UPSU.net over the next year. Mind you, we need to market the website even more heavily to help that to happen.

Because I haven't completely tested the system, I'm going to delay the opening of the registration system until Monday - it's worked fine in testing (and boy have I tested it!) but that's not enough evidence for me to be happy about unleashing it on the student population yet.

I'm about to head off to bed - I have court in a little under 5 hours - but before I go, I ought to give a nod in the direction of my bosses Fraggy, Steve Baker and Rena Ellis, who have trusted me to actually be doing some work during the last couple of months despite my not actually having shown a great deal of evidence.

Hopefully everything will go ok tomorrow in the demonstration walk-throughs. We'll have to see...

The next job is to finish the NUS card issue system, but that doesn't have to be ready for another month, thank foooook...

Bring on Freshers' Fortnight is all I can say - at least I'll have a credible excuse to be found paralytic under a DJ booth ;o) /al

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