7 hours of house demos for your aural consideration

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

(Sorry about the gash title! ;o) )

I made it onto the decks for a couple of days last week and recorded some of my latest and favourite tunes on my favourite (and totally underused) toy - Final Scratch.

There's about 7 hours of music to wade through, and it's split up into a chilled mix of laid back house, three commercial/chunkier mixes, and a threesome of dirty house to finish off with. There are some random suprises in there, and I'll sort out a track listing shortly, but for now you're more than welcome to download the demos (but remember there's a bit of small print below about copyright and usage, etc - please read it before you download).

Oh, and I'm ashamed to admit my DJ name at the moment is "Chopper Harries". Honestly, it's the best I could think up...


(Everything's recorded at 320Kbit/s).

Small print...Downloads are offered as-is and are provided solely for the attemped whoring of my DJing abilities (or lack of). Copyright remains with the owners of the tracks where appropriate. Files are not endorsed or hosted by UPSU - for comments, complaints, enquiries, etc, please see www.DJstalker.com.

Oh, and I didn't go swimming today - Fraggy dragged me down to Route last night and I am still, as I type, working from home thanks to having spent most of the night trying not to drive the big white porcelain bus. While Fraggy reckons it's down to my impending old age, my inability to handle my drink is entirely down to genetics. And being a wuss... ;o)

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