A bit of an Andrex moment...

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Pete Hooley brought the latest addition to his household into work today. Not a new car, TV, computer game or barbecue, but his eight week-old Labrador puppy, "Max", who Pete collected yesterday.

Pete thinks Max should become the Union's new mascot. I agree - he's much more cuddly than the Union bods (since they only exist on paper, which isn't particularly cuddly at all...).

Max is also a doppelganger of the Andrex puppy, which does him no harm when it comes to getting the ladies to go "aww" and "isn't he sweet/lovely/gorgeous/etc".

So, as you do when there's a new face around, you grab the camera and try to get some pics. I say "try" since Max has developed, it seems, an innate ability - shared by many top models - to strike great photogenic poses for just long enough for the cameraman to set-up the shot and then, at the last minute - as you go to take the shot - he would move at the speed of fluffy lightning out of shot.

Hence this rather questionable collection of slightly-fuzzy pics.

Still, he is very cute...


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