Grad ball fun and and going Cold Turkey

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So everything's pretty much returned to normal after the Grad Ball, apart from a couple of small piles of wood which once made up the beach bar thingy, and a mysterious roll of bamboo, in the sabbs' office...

The night itself was great fun, as always - I was in from about 3pm helping (a bit) with the set-up; I was given the responsibility of running the sound in CO2 for the Scratch Perverts, so it fell to me to figure out how to plumb in three mixers, four decks and two CD players. In the end we got through (just) by hastily scribbling a sheaf of notes, diagrams, and heiroglyphics on random bits of paper. In fact, I think we only had one hiccup, where I managed to turn off the wrong set of decks when I got on the decks after the Scratch Perverts. Note to self: don't try and DJ while trying to be a sound engineer...

The Scratch Perverts (pics) themselves seemed like a genuinely nice trio of chaps (although only two played on the night, with one waiting in the wings - maybe in case one of the other two keeled over...?). They were only too happy to help out with the equipment set-up, and didn't seem fazed when I stormed into their dressing room two minutes before they were due on stage to sort out a minor technical issue (namely, that I'd forgotten to flick a couple of switches on their mixer... I am a fool - it's official). Their set, of course, was some of the finest musical mastery I've ever heard in my life - how it's possible to drop classic hip-hop, drum 'n bass, and then some Nirvana, beats the hell out of me, but I reckon our little venue rocked far more than Lux's Goldie Lookin' Chain ever could... ;o)

I couldn't help wondering how many of the faces I was looking out on from the DJ booth were moving on from Portsmouth to a great job, travelling, or just lazing about for a while. Next year, it's my turn (I hope!), and I expect it'll be one of the scariest and exciting times I'll ever go through. For all of you graduating or about to graduate this year, good luck!

(And, in a Public Service Announcement-stylee, don't forget the Union doesn't just do cheap drinks - there's a whole load of bods here who can help you with coursework issues, housing problems, health concerns, and plenty more bods whose jobs it is to get you involved in a new sport or society; don't be afraid to drop in and say "hey"!).

From summer next year, the Government are introducing a whole raft of legislation about smoking in public places. For the Union, I expect this means the majority of the venue will be a no-smoking place all the time; whether they will provide a well-ventilated smoking area upstairs, or simply allow people to pop outside the Waterhole (as you can do during warmer weather) for a smoke I don't know, and no-one on the trading side of the business (which runs the bars, catering and entertainments) has said much, although I'm sure there's a lot of thought going into how it's going to be handled when the time finally comes round.

As a smoker myself, this could be an interesting time - I'd like to give up smoking, but only if I don't have to suffer too much with the cold turkey side of the withdrawal process. Yes, I am a big wuss... I wonder how many other people will finally quit for good when they find they can't have a cigarette with their drink and dancing...?

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