Bring on the Perverts!

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

So tomorrow night is the Grad Ball. Adrian and myself have about 26 hours to pick out some tuneage to entertain the crowds with after the Scratch Perverts play their set, 'cos apparently we're playing *after* the Perverts in CO2, and Pure:FM have the pleasure of doing the warm-up.

But, there's a problem - I'm being a bit of a worrier: frankly, this is scary - there could be 200 people in CO2. What if I don't play tunes people like? What if I suddenly can't mix (i.e. "mix worse than usual")? What happens if my laptop crashes during my set? What if my first tune blows so badly, I'm forcibly removed from the premises via a trap-door?

Ahh well, at least it can't make me pregnant, and I reckon it'll turn out fine - after all, most people are graduating, so I won't have to hide any shame from them next year (and years to come...) from making an ass of myself.

So, while I'm feeling the fear about how tomorrow night's going to turn out, I really hope that, if you're going to the ball, you have a great time. And if you're not, have fun whatever else you're doing :o) /al - pixel munki by day, popular music abuser by night... Maybe.

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