Welcome to the weekend...

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

(The tooth is out. I'll refrain from posting the picture of the remains since there's little point apart from the "ewww" factor which you could probably find easily enough elsewhere on the 'net...!)

It's Friday night. It's 6pm. Somewhere in the Balearics, Pete Tong is going out to the world live on air, playing - almost certainly - to an adoring crowd of sun-kissed Ibiza clubbers gearing up for possibly their biggest Friday night out of the year. It reminds me of something I wrote last summer, and I reckon it's almost time for me to pop my Ibiza cherry - anyone want to tag along? (I'll need someone to carry my records... ;o) ).

Meanwhile, back in reality (or at least, "Portsmouth-without-the-students"), I'm sitting in the Union preparing to babysit a sound system for The Listening Company (you may not know the name, but you've probably dealt with them on the 'phone at some point in your life, whether you like it or not...!) while six hundred-or-so Italian summer language school kids get fed and watered by our catering bods, upstairs in Lux.

Although I can't say I enjoy the music - apparently it's going to be a fairly rocky night - I do enjoy the babysitting work I do with UPSU Ents. Usually I work the Friday night babysit in Lux and CO2, which for the last year or so has also seen me on the decks for a brief spell most nights (my apologies to anyone unfortunate enough to have had to listen to me playing on abusing the soundsystem on a Friday night - who'dathunk I've been bedroom DJing since I was fifteen, a good 7 years ago. And yup, I'm really that old mature .... no, I definitely meant old).

Sadly, for me at least, I don't know whether I'll be able to play in the Union at all next year, as the line-up on most nights is being "tweaked" (as happens every year). I don't know if anything is changing or not, but the bosses will naturally be taking an ever closer look at how things are run on the nights to make sure things are at their best, and naturally having a relatively unknown person behind the decks like myself might not exactly thrill them to bits. I don't know; this is just speculation.

In any case, the whole point of this post is simply that October can't get here soon enough - Pompey's pretty dull during the summer, so short of me managing to escape the country and get out to Ibiza, or hooking up with some house music lovers, or even moving into Fabric London, I'm probably just going to have to become a workaholic to pass the time until the fun begins again (along with, of course, the small matter of my much-delayed final year of my degree needing attention then as well - argh, work!).

Ah... Boss has just informed me that TLC want a karaoke machine running tonight. So much for a quiet one...(!)

P.s. big thanks to a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, for the text last night - while I was doing some laundry - letting me know she and her friends had just blagged VIP guest list at Ibiza's Amnesia. I spent the rest of the night drafting plans for an escape tunnel from my house to the White Isle...

An update of sorts: (I call this one, "Tales from behind the speaker stack") It's 10pm and my poor ears are being assaulted with the sounds of Batman's The Joker singing "Dizzy (I'm so dizzy)". I don't think it's *the actual* Joker; it might (possibly) just be some random telesales exec. I'm not so sure, but Superwoman just walked past, and I can see Uma Thurman in Kill Bill outfit from here, too. My brain hurts...

Update #2: I just checked my maths. 15 years old plus 7 years does not equal my age. My physical age I mean; my mental age is hovering around the top of single digits... ;o) I should have put 9 years... Possibly even "almost 10" to be reasonably accurate. I really need to graduate, before I'm too senile to be of any use to anyone...!

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