A busy week

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

More as a way of helping me remember wot I dun last week than trying to write anything interesting, this week I've mainly been...

  • Working on the diaries side bar - the calendar system is up and working, along with "latest diary entries" and "latest comments" - now there's only a couple more things left to do before the diaries are ready to go.
  • Working on the RSS system - it's not finished yet (I still have to finish the "comments on this article" and set of forums feeds first, but we're getting there, with the addition of a huge range of feeds - see upsu.net/rss/about for a mini-list).
  • Working on the dynamic CSS system - since we began UPSU.net, it's never been 100% possible to tell how your web page is going to look because we typically use two CSS files - the local one, and a site-wide one. When you edit a web page, the WYSIWYG editor only pulls in the local template, so some of the site-wide settings - fonts, some colours, etc - don't show. As of today, each page has a single .css file which is generated by the site each time it's called, and includes the local and site-wide CSS code, as well as any user-inserted CSS (which they can simply type when they are editing their page to save the hassle of uploading a stylesheet). So far, everything seems to be working in hunky-dory fashion. Woot!

I've also been playing catch-up with a backlog of work the dimensions of a small mountain, so the next couple of days will be spent finally clearing that - joyous things like answering the "why doesn't the JobShop work?" e-mails (fixed now - my apologies - hosting co. moved server but I forgot to pencil it in the diary... Duh...) and "why don't you have anything about snowboarding/skating/whatever on the site?" (uhhm, 'cos ... actually I dunno...!).

Over the summer, we have a lot of work to be ploughing on with, but the main jobs over the summer include getting the sportos to update their homepages a lot more, and encouraging the societies, and the various Union departments, to do likewise.

Fraggy's been working on getting to grips with some of the harder aspects of the site - creating templates for the Netball club, for example - and I'm planning the rope him into getting some of the site's more neglected areas polished up over the summer, too.

I've also just finished a few different re-usable homepage layout thingies, the first - "violet" - finding it's way onto the Course Reps homepage. It's one of my first *almost* pure-CSS layouts - the code's still a bit messy, but it's certainly better than opening a dozen tables just to push something one pixel to the side...(!). You can see the other variations on the theme here. Unfortunately, one of my evening jobs is going to be pruning the CSS files down to a sensible size - the CSS for the tester page is 60K, which is bloody silly. Ah well, s'pose we can't all have social lives, eh? ;o)

There are quite a few other tweaks I've been making, but I'll save those for a really rainy/boring day...

Right, I'm off to hoover the house - Jade's moving in tonight 'cos I've got a spare room. Apparently she's "loud and lovely" - so says her profile thingy - but she's been a mate for years so I'm sure it'll all be cool. Or noisy. One or t'other...

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