More pixel pushing - URL tweaking...

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

Another amazingly dull post coming up... ;o)

I've been tweaking the code that decides what the URL is for the pages on the site. The changes aren't finished yet, but it should mean shorter, easier-to-remember URLs to find your way around the site, and Google & chums should be able to do a better job of indexing the site, which isn't too bad an idea either.

It also means we can override certain pages individually, so the Sociallife homepage, for example, is actually at and not some long, complicated address instead. All the old URLs still work, so you won't have to update your bookmarks, either.

The main reason for this is so we can get URLs for pages like the forums - which have URLs like /component /option,com_simpleboard /func,view /Itemid,336 /catid,27 /id,549 /#549 - down to something like

I've also been tweaking the search engine - the output is a lot easier to read, and you can bookmark your searches if you're that kinda person. Once I've done a bit more homework, I'll be re-jigging the way the search engine selects your search results, so (hopefully) the search results should be a lot more accurate.

Oh, and plans are now in motion for a new JobShop system which should be ready for the new academic year. The existing system is ok, but doesn't do everything we want it to. I'd like to see a system which is properly integrated into the site; Job Searches would be much easier - you'll be able to search for a job or job type, apply direct for some jobs through the site, and get further information and help with just a few mouse clicks.

We'll also be making it easier to get information and advice on searching for a job, and the jobs bulletin should be more accurate, contain more of the right information, and will (hopefully) also be customised to your preferences - more interested in admin work than customer service? Just tell us in your profile and we'll customise your bulletin e-mail before we send it out to you.

This, of course, is all assuming I don't decide to go and herd goats in the Andes over the summer instead...

Told you it was going to be another boring post... ;o)

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