Labour saving initiative #31423

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Losing your NUS card is a pain in the backside - it was probably in your wallet or purse when you lost it, along with a bundle of cash, bank cards, ID, the number of that random you pulled the other night, blah blah blah...

We can't make losing your wallet/purse/whatever any less of an annoyance, but at least you don't have to send an e-mail out to us now to get your card replaced - you just need to take some ID to the Union's reception desk and remember your e-mail address now. No more waiting a week for a reply, no more having to pay extra to get into the Union at night...

Yeah, it's boring, but I've spent most of this week under a car bonnet/playing with Windows Media Center/MediaPortal/generally avoiding work, so I don't have anything even remotely boring to write about.

Couple of other changes: check out the Via Lattea menu - tasty, and do you fancy some Black Tie action after Graduation?

Recent reading: Merde Actually (just started, looks good).
Recent movies watched: Sin City (crap), Behind Enemy Lines (excellent), South Park (awesome), American Dad (worryingly accurate)
Recent websites: make your own South Park character , Google's RSS feed reader - who needs Attensa anyway?

So what have you lot been up to then?

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