Blimey, what a night!!

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

Well, that's it; the Elections 2006 are over and done with. Six people have a job next year - no more tax dodging (at least for 12-ish months) while ten others have only the tattered remnants of their campaign trail to reflect on. Or at least an impending hangover given the results are announced in a perfect place to drown your sorrows for not-a-lot-of-money...

Anyhoo, congrats to the winners; I won't list them all - mainly 'cos I'm lazy, but also because I can't be bothered - and commiserats to the non-winners (is it still PC to use the term "losers"?).

I had the unique experience of trying to update the elections website while playing the music for the election candidates, trying to listen to the announcers (Rena & Chileya) and generally trying not to break anything I can't afford to... I must have looked like the world's biggest plonker running back and forward in the DJ booth during the elections announcements. Still, on the plus side, the elections homepage had just under 2,000 hits in 30 minutes during the announcements. Ker-ist!

One thing that struck me as I was putting the candidate manifestos online last week was just how differently things might become under different management; a large part of my work is involved with the Media & Communications officer, who was - and still is - Fraggy aka Adrian Fraguela. I'm lucky enough to have enough free reign over the site to be able to work on my own projects as well as doing his bidding (which, to be fair, is usually a case of "keep up the good work/let's try this/how about..." - in other words, a not-too-bad manager to have (and for me, that counts as a compliment - trust me ;o) ).

Reading the other chap's manifesto - Craig Fordham - I couldn't help wondering what he would have changed about the website. Would I have been out of a job? ("You obviously have no idea how to run a student website" - guilty as charged I reckon...) Would he have been the "boss from hell"? ("You can't write a blogging system for! Who'd bother reading it??!" - uhhm, me?) Would I have been relegated to fifty different layers of red tape? ("Go on, fight your way out of that, you pixel-abusing HTML-pervert" Err, too much speculation maybe...).

That's not to say that the next year is going to be anything other than bloody hard work. I'd love to be able to get all the work I've done on to count towards my degree qualification, although I doubt it will - so much has been done "on the fly" without a huge amount of documentation being made (yes, I know, very risky business - what happens if I get run over tomorrow? Uhhm, I get squashed, most probably...). Still, it's a nice dream. Wonder if anybody out there is actually reading It's a scary thought... ;o)

The RAG 2006 minisite is now online. It took a lot longer to put together than I'd hoped it would; sorry again to Tig and chums. I hope it's worth it though!! :o) Still got plenty more to be doing on it, so watch this space...

The Social:Life section of the site has seen some fairly hard work lately, although there's *loads* more to do, and it should all have been done last week, so I'm a bit scared at the prospect of cracking on with that. I'm sure it won't be too scary once I wake up tomorrow morning evening ... and go drinking... and then try and work drunk... and fall asleep dribbling into the keyboard...

Anyhoo, I must go - one of the DJ booths is a bit unwell, so I guess I ought to go prop it back up... Eep!

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