How NOT to do a film night...

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... in one simple step: forget to connect up the centre channel on 5.1 surround sound.

The result? Since most of the vocals in a movie go through the centre channel, as well as most of the "on screen" sound, you get some strangely quiet actors.


Fix, restart, apologise over the mic (I hate doing mic work - I sound like a cross between a dalek and a helium-abusing monkey, if you can imagine what that would sound like). As I type this, we're about half way through Wallace & Gromit's "The Curse of The Were Rabbit". We're packed to the rafters, too - almost 200 people in (compared to last week's 50-ish), which is nice. Shame the free popcorn ran out before I got there though...!

Fraggy's been snowed-under with PWs and hustings, so there's no PWs online this week (he's only just finished the printed version I hear), and I've been called in to do the film night at the last minute (hence why I was totally winging the it with the sound system and slightly came unstuck!) so I couldn't help out with it, so it's back to the printed version this week. It'll be online next week as usual, but I'm going to take this opportunity to get on with some of the updates to the Social Life section instead, tonight. Bring on the Bink!

(Title inspired by RobinB's rant about pancake-making...)

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