Today's changes (so far)

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

I've been pushing more code around the blogs diaries (when will I learn it's not a "blog"?!) part of the site. This is more for my reference than anyone else's, but feel free to take a nosey and (once enabled) post a comment. Here's the latest changes...

  • added my interests info, and added code to allow searching of interests (not completed the results page though)
  • added forum title to user's info box
  • made it easier for us to add more custom fields - location, etc
  • fixed the page so viewing "my diary entries" shows up with "my" information instead of generic side- and top-box text

Still to do

  • get calendar code sorted (and tied to the current user, where applicable)
  • add icons and clean up/make uniform the date/author info in mamblog and com_content (any way to make a db call to get the mamblog Itemid(s)?)
  • add [blog] link in forum (titled, for example, "View AlexH's diary - " . blogtitle)
  • edit comments code so admins/article author/editors/publishers/managers can see unapproved comments (and can approve them) and can also un-approve comments (can/should we allow post-moderated comments in blogs? probably not).
  • add "my clubs & societies" keywords (much like "interests") to allow searching for other members in the same clubs/socs.
  • add a way of listing all posts by a diary-keeper for a certain month, and add code to automagically show a link to that month where entries exist by that user (also apply to browsing all the blogs - show first 5 and then links to the rest).

After "miniminogue"'s request for a singles/dating/lonely hearts section (whichever title you prefer) I'm also wondering whether it might be a good/interesting idea to add the option to say whether you're single or not, male/female, what you look for in a person and who you are. Could be good. Or it could simply end up as a nice bit of space on where you can hear the gentle rustle of passing tumbleweed...!

P.s. there's a lot to be said about pixel-pushing when you've only had 2 hours' sleep and a dodgy kebob. Not much of it, though, is complimentary...

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