Hoorah - comments work!

Just so you know: this page was imported from my old blog. Some pages were rather mangled in the process; my apologies if things don't quite look right.

While I was pushing pixels around the forums yesterday, I remembered something a friend had mentioned about the way the authentication system on UPSU.net works. More out of luck than judgement I checked the code for the commenting system and, sure enough, the code that was needed to allow comments to be posted by non-Administrators was missing.

One simple code change later and the commenting system is now working (I think... touch wood...). This is great timing for us - the elections are looming and I want to get the candidates keeping a blog of their campaigning activities. While there's nothing stopping this at the moment, it's also important that the electorate can comment and ask questions of the candidates. No commenting system just means that the candidates have a one-way sounding-off platform, which no-one is going to be interested in.

There are a few final things I need to do with the layout of the commenting system before I'm happy with turning it on; these are all layout adjustments though, rather than any changes to the underlying structure. Basically, I just want to provide a box for people to provide their name, their course/job (optional), a contact e-mail address (for our reference, and again optional), and their comment. We shouldn't make it any harder than that to comment on something you read on the site, and - as with the forums - the "simple is definitely better" mantra seems to be the way forward.

By the way, UPSU.net had 1.2 million hits yesterday. That's (almost) a record for us, and I think the site will start seeing more traffic as the semester 1 exams get out of the way and people can start taking a bit more interest in what's going on at their Union.

Tomorrow night is the first of our film nights, and we're showing Shaun of The Dead. Entry - and popcorn - are both free, and with our

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